The A- Z of Animartis:Solutions for New Media:
Branding - Conception - Copywriting- Design - Public Relations & Event Mangement - Translations

Animatherapy: our marketing prescription provides unique, tailormade solutions through ci-based analysis. Giving your online presence a face and voice in the online sphere - above the dot.gone crowd.

Our service encompasses everything from individual consulting and conception through design & content to authoring and promotion.

Artistic & Technical Skills:
Graphic Design & copy writing for print & online, Flash, Photography, HTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Multimedia Apllications

Copy Content & Language:
Informative texts, advertising slogans, PR, press releases (by accredited journalist).
Specialised translations from/to: English, German, French, and Turkish.

Web- and domainhosting, databases, e-commerce sites, interactive communication systems (chat, bbs, online audio recording e.g. for language tests or voicemail), password restricetd areas and more.

Pricing - Terms & Conditions:
As our projects are tailormade, so are our prices. As most cases are larger projects involving a great variety of services, we devise and agree an overall package price with the client based on the size & features (e.g. flash, database programming, webspace, expenses etc.), working time and number of staff required, with optional add on solutions for 'later' which are individually priced.
Regular aftercare- webmaster services with contract duations from 1 year upwards for sites/ projects created by us come at a special attractive low price! The longer the contract duration the better the price.
Projects outside of site creation packages and /or regular long term aftercare / webmaster deals or work committed for aborted and abbreviated projects are charged at our usual hourly rates between €40- 60 p.h. (website and PR consulting, texting, campaign strategy, photoshop & graphic design for layout and general site design incl. buttons, html, javascript authoring, general site and programming administrations tasks) €120 p.h. (Flash design & authoring, databases incl. PHP authoring, Perl MySQL, corporate logo design)
Our very first, initial customer consulting (up to 1 1/2 hrs) is free of charge! Further in depth consulting specifically related to and for projects agreed, conducted and paid to completion are also at no etxra cost to you.
Pure web consulting and PR/marketing strategy consulting or development outside of projects or without a package price are avialbel too of course: In this case they are charged at an hourly rate of € 60 (unless a package price- at particulalry lower cost- or flatrate have been purchased- Please contact us for special rates for larger projects!). The same applies to said services without for projects aborted by the client before completion, or only partially paid projects.
Payment for larger projects takes place at the usual 3/3 interval, smaller projects in advance in full or 2/2 depending on the scale.
(We reserve the right to withdraw or withold products and services in case of non payment or incomplete payment, until remuneration has occured in full.)

Customer Care:
All drafts are uploaded to your personal, password protected (& free) provisional site, so that you, the client, can follow and control the end product on every level of its production.
Each agreed item will then be uploaded to its final destination.
Normally, the site will be worked out in constant, close liaison with you- though this is no must by any means, if you should prefer to save the time.