International Awards won by our sites through the years:

> MTV VMA: Best Artist Website Award! (International)- redhotchilipeppers Official Site

> Q Magazine:Site Of The Month Award (UK)
Q-mag says about us: "..very sexy and 'out there"

>Gitarre & Bass Magazine: Site of the Month Award (Germany):
" Really has that special something! .. striking through its userfriendly structuring and design."
(Issue 07/2002)

>Macromedia Site of The Month (International)
April 2002

>DMA '04 People's Choice Award (International) - For John Frusciante Online, Editorial Content
Runner Up

>MTV UK "Fansite Insight" (UK) - For "Troublekids in Funkheaven"
"Sibél's fansite is so userfriendly, even a monkey could log on!
Here at we think the design is very cool and simple. Check out the extensive discography and extremely detailed equipment section. This is a must for any Chili fan!

> Official RHCP Fansite Award in 5 categories (International / Canada)

Surfer's Choice
- The Award given out to the best overall site
Webmaster of the Year - Awarded to the Webmaster who is in with the fans, the one who works with the fans a lot.
Best Info Site -Awarded to the site that displays the greatest amount of information
Best Fan Site -Awarded to the Best site without official Status
Best Underground Site -Awarded to the best site that is not listed on the major search engines.

> Wanadoo Site D'Or (France) - For "Nippon - To"
June 2004

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