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Blackie Dammett- now known by many as Head of the Official Red Hot Chili Peppers fanclub and singer Anthony Kiedis' father- had a colorful career as an actor, writer and director:
After graduating from UCLA, Dammett worked as a screenwriter at MGM. After his stint at The Image Group, Dammett was urged by movie producer Karen Lamm Wilson to return to his acting studies. Dammett received instruction by legendary acting pros Lee Strasburg, Michael V. Gazzo and Harvey Lembeck. Over the next 19 years he's appeared in countless film, television and theatre productions including Lethal Weapon, Francis Ford Coppola's Cotton Club, 52 Pick-Up, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Hill Street Blues, Charlie's Angels and many more.
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Currently the Head Honcho of Rockinfreakapotamus Peoplehood, Inc., Dammett has maintained a close relationship with the music industry over the years. At one time, Dammett was the head of the West Coast office of New York's The Image Group. This PR and management company represented the likes of John Lennon, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, The New York Dolls and Todd Rundgren.

A Postscriptum by Blackie Dammet concerning the new autobiography by Anthony Kiedis: 'Scar Tissue'& references to his own biography:

"As Anthony Kiedis' father and his number one fan, I unflinchingly recommend his recently released autobiography "Scar Tissue" [Anthony Kiedis with Larry Sloman, Hyperion books] --even though it covers some rather naughty escapades from our times together in the late hippy sixties and early decadent seventies.
However, the book is about Anthony --not me--so understandably the book is not obligated to set the record straight about my evolution from those days--only his. Most of the critics and a lot of the readers must think my legacy began and ended on the sunset strip high on substances and with a blonde in each arm. A typical line from a typical synopsis goes:

"Along the way, he finds his way into the Hollywood elite, thanks to his father, a drug-dealer-turned-actor." Since the book doesn't ever say otherwise i'd like to clarify this 'drug dealer' tag the reviewers keep putting on me: Yes, during this period I did some drugs and co-habitated with a few bad apples for a while but it was a brief and tiny portion of my life--I also went to UCLA and graduated cum laude; I went to work as a screen writer and intern at MGM studios; worked for Rogers and Cowan the world's largest show business publicity company; worked for Alice Cooper/Shep Gordon's publicity machine as the west coast man in charge for clients including John Lennon, Lou Reed, New York Dolls, Three Dog Night, Sha Na Na, Foghat, Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary, and many many more; studied acting with Lee Strasberg and several other respected teachers; worked as an actor for 15 years and did twenty some movies--starring in 6 of them; did films in the Philippines, Berlin, Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, New York, arizona, nevada, hawaii and michigan working with some of the biggest and best directors, producers and actors in motion picture history; did over 30 major TV shows starring and guest starring in most of them; did dozens of plays and garnered plenty of great reviews.
Sorry but I had to get that off my chest, since every TV interview and magazine writer infers I never got beyond the party boy I was in the late 60's/ early 70's.


Richard Donner's "Lethal Weapon" with Mel Gibson

Francis Ford Coppola's "Cotton Club" with Richard Gere and Nicholas Cage

John Frankenheimer's "52 Pick-Up" with Roy Scheider and Ann-Margret

"Doctor Detroit" with Dan Aykroyd

"Meatballs II" with Richard Mulligan and Pee Wee Herman

Jackie Collin's mini-series "Hollywood Wives" -
with Anthony Hopkins, Rod Steiger, Robert Stack, Angie Dickinson

"National Lampoon's Class Reunion" lead role

"Nine Deaths of the Ninja" lead role (shot in the Philippines)

"A Night at the Magic Castle" lead role

Jim Wynorski's "The Lost Empire" lead role (a Roger Corman Production)

"The American Scream" lead role

Christel Buschmann's "Comeback" lead role -
(German production shot in Berlin starring Eric Burdon)

"Instant Karma" with Craig Scheffer

"L.A. Bounty" with Sybil Danning

Jack Starrett's "Kiss my Grits" -
with Bruce Davison and Tony Franciosa produced by Anthony Quinn

"Midnight Lace" with Mary Crosby and Celeste Holme

Lewis Teague's "The Lady in Red" with Louise Fletcher and Christopher Lloyd (Roger Corman)

Jack Starrett's "Mr. Horn" with David Carradine and Richard Widmark (shot in Mexico)

"Lady of the House" with Dyan Cannon

Jack Starrett's "Nowhere to Hide" with Lee Van Cleef

"Moon in Scorpio" with Britt Ekland

Jack Starrett's "Walking Tall--the Final Chapter" with Bo Svenson

"Lucifer Complex" with Robert Vaughn



Starsky and Hutch

Charlie's Angels



Night Court

Hill Street Blues

Magnum P. I.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Highwayman

Crime Story

Private Eye

Garry Shandling Show

Adam 12 - the 90's

Our Family Honor

Hollywood Beat

Trapper John M. D.


For Love and Honor

Michael Nesmith's TV Parts

The Fall Guy

Night Court in Vegas

ABC's Fridays

Santa Barbara


Woody Allen's God And Death
- Hollywood Actor's Theatre
Harold Pinter's Review Sketches
-Hollywood Actor's Theatre
Moon& Rats
- Deja Vu Hollywood
American Peace
- Chicago Theatre
Catch 22
- 5th St. Studio Theatre
Circus Lady
- Hollywood Actor's Theatre
Frozen Stiff
- Hollywood Actor's Theatre
My Life
- Hollywood Actor's Theatre

The Minotaur
- L.A. Arts Repertory
The Adding Machine
- Company Theatre
Hit And Run
- Los Angeles Actors Theatre
Five Flesh Flush
- La Mama Hollywood
Night Life
- Hollywood Actor's Theatre
Flea In Her Ear
- Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
Inherit The Wind
- Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
Annie Get Your Gun
- Grand Rapids Civic Theatre


Theatre Arts
Lee Strasberg
Harvey Lembeck
Michael V. Gazzo
Clu Gulager
MGM Script Writer
(TV/ Movie)
Music Management
(Alice Cooper et al)