The A- Z of Animartis:Solutions for New Media:
Branding - Conception - Copywriting - Design -Public Relations - Translations


Animartis is a small, international team of handpicked specialists dedicated to:
the art of making new media waves, passionate surfers of unknown www.aters, chanting the credo of A.I.D.A. *

Depending on the nature of the project, we work either as a team or individually.

Clients include:
The Official Red Hot Chili Peppers Homepage (Q -Prime Management New York)
John Frusciante Solo Projects Online Promotion (Warner Bros.) The Australian Embassy Pro Search - Pro Sales Consulting Phillip Morris Inc. Kodak R.A.W.A (International Aid Association for Women in Afghanistan) TSA Langues S.A.R.L. Unilever Corp. International The Museum of Worldcultures On The Rhine Film Services UK Ltd. Mag-Data UK Ltd. Plastics & Chemicals Licoma Ltd. Mechanical Engineering Nadejda Lebedeva Photography L'Hectare Scene de Vendome (Theatre /Concert Hall)

For Red Hot Chili Peppers Online (
Winner of the MTV VMA© "Best Artist Website" Award 2000
Macromedia Site of The Day
Q Magazine Site of The Month (August 2002):"..very sexy and 'out there'-
G & B Magazine (Germany) Site of the Month : " Really has that special something! .. striking through its userfriendly structuring and design. "(Issue 07/2002)
Max Magazine (Italy): " interesting, rich..a perfect and privileged virtual meeting place "

For NipponTo: Bronze Price at 'Les Nets D'Or' - Wanadoo/France Telecom Regional Competiton 2003 Categorie Les Insolites (=The Originals)

For Troublekids In Funkheaven: MTV UK 'Site Insight' of the Month: "Animartis' site is so easy to use even a monkey could log on! Here at we think the design is cool and simple. Check out the extensive and extremely detailed sections. This site is a must."

*A.I.D.A.= Awareness> Interest> Action> Desire