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> - Celebrity designed apparel for charity. Be an angel and give them a hand!

> Chelyabinsk Theatre Of Contemporary Dance - The coreographer, Olga Pona, was a good tractor engineer in the people's republic. Until she fell in love with dance at the age of 32.
The rehearsal room, in a world forgotten town in deepest Siberia, 30° sub - zero for most of the year, but it did not melt their hearts: "Nostalgia"- a stylised Taiga forest of barre- birch trees, projections of flickering Siberian landscapes, an unbelievably brilliant mix of traditional Russian folk song in high pitched girlie voices set to hardcore tekno - dancer's movements of a forcefulness we have long forgotten here- By now Chelyabinsk is on the world map, her troupe won the highest awards in the industry and tours globally- Do let them move you too.

> In- Jun Jung / 'Blue Elephant Company' - Korean contemporary dance choreographer. Technically outstanding, one of the best in her class, the Seoul dance student was told she would never be a dying swan- she was too small, too ugly. What is beauty? And what is art? But questions were not permitted - until she found the Bohemian hideout "Golden Helmet Bar", discovered there were many more people like her, even many more questions, to be asked, to be lived, to be danced! In Jun was at the forefront of this groundbreaking meleé. And still has that drive, rarely have I met someone so immersed in their work: She lives and breathes dance, deceivingly detached on the outside, she absorbs everything in her environment, wide awake and a creative volcano beneath, translating our world into moves. Watch her go.

>John Frusciante - So much more than a client: a great inspiration, loved equivoqually by the whole team. One of those things that keep us moving on, or, as he said "What if there were only houses and streets... and no art, it would all be meaningless." He challenged me to break boundaries, explore new territories - and I am so glad he did.

>Salon des Amateurs - Electro Lounge renowned for its individualism, avant- gardeism, and most of all the best music, mixed or performed live by international artists with a wide variety of styles. Run by 3 artist friends and entirely staffed by artists of various vocations. Could be that they show rare Russian movies with Japanese subtitles, could be that suddenly there is a huge pot of stew "just help yourself".. Symply 'sympha'.

> Ruggedhardware - Hardware support and guardian angel for all our computer worries. Official hardware administrator of
Ruggedhardware is THE specialist for ruggedized notebooks such as Panasonic Toughbook , Rhoda, Itronix Gobook, but most of all they are unparalleled for creating tailor made solutions for mobile computing in the most unusual and tough conditions, whether film team on the set or military in full combat, even underwater computing - ruggehardware can!

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